By: Faisal Nimri On: 29th June 2021 In: Company news Comments: 0

Unity developers can now create lines of 3D printable collectibles masterpieces Blending the digital and physical worlds, Mixed Dimensions,...

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By: Faisal Nimri On: 11th March 2021 In: For Honor, News, Ubisoft Comments: 0

San Mateo, California, Thursday, March 11th, 2021 Ubisoft’s brutal, medieval fantasy world of For Honor will soon make an...

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By: Faisal Nimri On: 8th February 2021 In: News, Star Trek Comments: 0

It’s been almost 3 years since we made an integration with Star Trek Online, the massively multiplayer online role-playing...

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By: Faisal Nimri On: 3rd February 2021 In: News Comments: 0

We are very happy to start 2021 with releasing a new batch of awesome Eve Online ship models. The...

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By: Faisal Nimri On: 25th November 2020 In: News Comments: 0

It’s been a spectacular week for Serious Sam fans. It was filled with exciting news. Croteam and Devolver Digital...

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By: Faisal Nimri On: 2nd November 2020 In: News, Uncategorised Comments: 0

Console Wars is a documentary covering the epic feud between Sega and Nintendo that would transform the future of...

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By: Faisal Nimri On: 14th July 2020 In: Uncategorised Comments: 0

Allen is the creator of ZEFilms Productions. He has been playing Star Trek Online for about 9 years and...

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By: Faisal Nimri On: 21st May 2020 In: Company news, Uncategorised Comments: 0

Mixed Dimensions and Mimaki Engineering Co., LTD announced a global strategic partnership in the areas of 3D printing and...

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By: Faisal Nimri On: 12th December 2019 In: Kickstarter Comments: 0

Adam Savage shares one of his new favorite things in the cave: a highly-detailed anatomical model that’s reminescent of...

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By: Faisal Nimri On: 26th June 2019 In: Interviews, Star Trek Comments: 0

David has been a part of star fleet since the beginning of our journey. Also, he is the creator...

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